Take up the #StationeryChallenge

The London Stationery Show is challenging buyers NOT to find at least one great new product when they attend next month’s event.LSS_banner_220x220

Dubbed #StationeryChallenge on social media, exhibition director, Chris Leonard-Morgan says, “The London Stationery Show is the venue for the annual Stationery Awards, has nearly 70 new exhibitors to date who weren’t at last year’s show as well as 80 returning ones, AND two thirds of exhibitors haven’t been seen at any other UK trade show this year.  We’re super confident all buyers will see new products and new suppliers when they visit.  Those who have visited the show before know to expect the unexpected.”

The exhibition is also adding #StationerySurprises and #StationerySpecials into its social media campaign as more details emerge from exhibitors about their planned product launches and special show promotions, who they hope will issue the same challenge.

“We already know that well over half of our exhibitors are intending to launch new products at the show and that over 30 have special deals lined up for visitors, and that’s just the ones we know about!” says Chris.  “We’ll be making sure buyers are made aware of these over the coming weeks.” #LondonStationeryShow is the hashtag to use.

The 2016 London Stationery Show is the biggest yet, with over 300 brands and suppliers from all around the world, all in one place, showing on 150+ stands at the Business Design Centre, London. The number of stands has doubled, and its floor space trebled, since its launch in 2011.

“Writing and paper products have universal appeal and these days can be found in pretty much every retail channel and type of store there is,” comments Chris. “Our visitor list reflects this, with buyers from craft, lifestyle, fashion, books, gifts, jewellery, homewares and garden retail backgrounds all attending, as well as the stationery specialists.”

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Posted on 17th March 2016 by Vanessa Fortnam