Stationery and the F-word

NP12910-2I was asked by someone recently to describe stationery in less than 5 words, and managed it in 4.  All of them start with an ‘F’.

What were they?


As we get ready for National Stationery Week and the London Stationery Show at the end of this month – the Get Britain Writing taxis have already hit the road in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow – it’s a good time to take stock of what is driving the stationery market because it is definitely in vogue and on the up.

The personal stationery market is being driven by colour, design and fashion as well as need, and the growth of the home office.

Stationery today is a real feel good product.  The British, in fact just about everyone everywhere, likes or even loves stationery and I am sure that  this is partly because people get hooked and start using the products early on in their lives. It is one of the factors behind National Stationery Week’s Get Britain Writing campaign and now also Get Kids Writing.

Otter House Jan Constantine_Square Notecard Box Set Complete_y

Coles Pen - Laban Maya FountainIf we take the functional role of stationery as read, we are back to the more emotive issues such as FUN, FUNKY and FASHIONABLE.

I don’t like Christmas shopping but I must have made a major contribution to the novelty stationery business last year and I had a lot of fun doing it!  Products from companies like Thinking Gifts, Mustard, NPW, j-me, Strawberry Design, Lego and Luckies of London only encourage spending and a sense of fun, and the great thing is that the products are useful.  If you haven’t yet been into a Blott, Tinc or Smiggle Collins Debden Elite Fashion - Compact Cream Cover 3150Vstore, do so soon because these businesses are built around colour and fun.

And finally there is fashion and I don’t just mean Cath Kidston and Vivienne Westwood.  Hardly a day goes by at the moment it seems without the arrival of another designer or artist branching out into stationery.
Recent issues of Stationery Magazine have written about Jan Constantine, Claire Gaudion, Alice Temperley, Bonnie Marcus and Jack Vettriano, to name just a few.

The future is bright!

Posted on 12th March 2014 by Chris Leonard-Morgan