Special Show Offer: Save 20% on all orders placed with Magic Whiteboard!

Magic Whiteboard is excited to be launching the World’s first reusable notebook at this year’s Stationery Show!

You can use reusable Magic Notebooks ™ are great for writing notes, mind mapping, taking phone messages, generating ideas, playing games, doodling, for writing at school and for doing Magic Notebook - reusable notebook A4 and A5homework and 1 to 1 coaching sessions. It is a handy and portable school notebook.

The notebooks are available in A5 and A4 sizes, in both plain and ruled versions, and include a black dry erase pen.

The pages in the reusable notebook don’t smudge when you close the notebook and you can easily tear out the perforated pages.

If you want the ink to NOT rub when you rub your finger over the ink Magic Whiteboard recommends you use a black Staedtler correctable dry erase pen, which is available to order from them.

When you use a correctable dry erase pen the ink dries after 10 seconds and will not smudge. If you want to make any changes or corrections to your work use the eraser on end of pen to erase your work.

A4 Reusable Whiteboard Notebooks – 8 pages RRP £4.99

A5 Reusable Whiteboard Notebooks – 8 pages RRP £2.99

Order at the show and save 20%!

To find out more visit www.magicnotebook.co.uk and come and meet the team on stand M516


Posted on 10th April 2015 by Vanessa Fortnam