Affectionately named ‘Little Brian’, a new brand from art brand and trusted manufacturer Brian Clegg, aimed specifically at children, will be launched at this year’s London Stationery Show.

Little Brian Paint Sticks - Classic 12 Pack

Classic 12 pack of the new Little Brian Paint Sticks

The first product for this new brand, called ‘Paint Sticks’, which  is certain to add a splash of colour to children’s lives. 

Paint Sticks provide a clean and convenient way to paint with no need for water or the mess that comes with it. The solid paint sticks twist up and down, like a glue stick, and allow vivid colours to be transferred directly onto surfaces like canvas, wood, paper, card and even glass drying within minutes of use.

Lara Alcock, sales director at Little Brian said: “We’re very excited for the launch of the Little Brian brand and equally proud of the first product in the range. The Stationery Show is the perfect platform for us and is a very important date in the industry’s calendar and we’re keen to share our vision and products to a wide range of distributors.

“We’re confident that it’s the right direction for the brand to be heading in and really feel we have something new to offer this very competitive industry.

“Paint Sticks are perfect for children to play with and develop their creativity, which plays an essential part in their overall development, and the fact that there is no mess we’re sure will be welcome news to many parents!”

Little Brian Paint Sticks are extremely versatile and a range of different techniques can be used which include blending, stamping and the art of scraperboard, perfect for all ages and abilities. Paint Sticks are available in strong, classic colours in either a pack of six or 12 for an RRP of £4.99 and £7.49 respectively from Amazon and a range of new products are also in the pipeline.

Brian Clegg has a strong heritage and has been working in the education sector for over 40 years.  The company is now on the journey of branching out into the retail industry targeting consumers directly for the first time.


Posted on 18th April 2016 by Vanessa Fortnam