Pen and paper here to stay

Websters fountainpentoppicksnotextDo you know anyone who doesn’t own a pen?  I don’t.   I have at least ten in my home tucked away in kitchen, bedroom and office drawers, and in my briefcase and handbag.  They range from various personalised corporate pens, to a Lamy Logo that my ten year old son uses and a beautiful Yard O Led silver pen that I take to meetings when I want to impress.   I think I can safely say I personally have a pen for pretty much every occasion!

I am not a technophobe – we also have three iPads, four laptops and two smartphones within my small family of three.   I am just a normal working mum, living a pretty average lifestyle.  So this tells me something.   It tells me that despite all the modern day digital paraphernalia that we all own, pen and paper is still a vital part of our lives.

When you need to take a phone message for your spouse or a colleague who’s away from their desk, do you reach for your tablet or pen and paper?   When the boss asks you to check out a few competitor websites, do you reach for your keyboard to make a note of the task?  It’s quite simple really, digital devices are unlikely to replace pen and paper, and thank goodness for that.

Now you may think I am being subjective here, but I have to let on that I have had the privilege of working in the stationery industry for 18 years so I do speak with some knowledge.   Every year, for the last 15 years, I have researched paper usage at a national level while working for the Filofax Group.   Every year my studies showed that over half the adult population in the UK use a notebook and pen.

I know many people, inside and out of the industry, who see their paper notebook and pen as a fashion accessory and replace them with the changing fashions and seasons.   So not only is there a demand, but there’s also the potential for frequency not just associated with replenishment.

I have recently had the pleasure of joining the team at Websters Pen Shop, working with pen retail stalwarts Len and Jacqui Webster (side note: for me Len and Jacqui are like industry royalty).  The breadth and depth of pen choice has surprised me and now I have a professional interest in new products coming to the market, I am also taken aback by the amount of development.  Just this month there’s more than a dozen new pen products due to be launched by the major brands and at least seven from Montblanc alone.

The pen industry is buoyant and I feel very lucky to be able to work in this exciting sector, marketing and selling some of the world’s best known brands on the Webster site

Posted on 20th April 2015 by Sharon Golbey of Websters Pen Shop