Nuco launch Nu Notes™ App

Nu craze 1Nuco are launching ‘Nu Notes™’, the ultimate notes app to capture, store and organise handwritten memos and doodles.  The app will allow consumers to Scan, Save, and Share their notes through a unique interface designed to harmonise writing with technology in a modern world.

The app will feature scan technology to capture notes, drawings and doodles, and the user can then categorise and flick through their scanned notes in a ‘virtual bookshelf’ of book covers.

Notes can then be highlighted, annotated, or added to with images previously stored on the device, before being shared via email, social networks, dropbox and iMessage.Nu

Nu Notes™ enable users to access all their scanned notes in one place, allowing for easy access to handwritten pages. So whether you have 5 minutes between lessons to recap on last week’s revision, or you’re catching up on minutes from that all important meeting over a morning coffee, this app will allow you to pick up from whenever, wherever you left off.

Nuco are exhibiting at the Stationery Show in April and are a sponsor of this year’s National Stationery Week.

For more information go to – Stand M701

Posted on 20th February 2015 by Hazel Fieldwick