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My Favourite Things

Posted on 5th March 2017 by Vanessa Fortnam

Pen2Paper magazine asked London Stationery Show founder, Chris Leonard-Morgan, to name his six favourite stationery items.  

This is his list…

1 Parker 51 fountain pen  img40
I don’t use it all the time but do whenever possible for handwritten letters and cards, and for signing important documents, letters and contracts.
My mother gave me the pen many years ago for passing a particular exam, and I have believed in the importance of handwritten communications ever since.  There are many wonderful, beautifully designed pens on the market today…it’s a real feel good product and must-have accessory for both men and women!




2 Smythson Panama notebook
My daughter is responsible for this particular indulgence which accompanies me everywhere, including meetings and exhibitions. It’s pocket sized and very flexible – like the Panama hat! – and of course very convenient to use.  It is home to many of my best ideas, as well as some of the more far fetched and insane!





3 Campo Marzio desk organiser  img34
I discovered Campo Marzio in London’s Piccadilly, and have been a fan ever since.  They are an Italian design-led company (aren’t all Italian companies?) with very smart stores around the world and sell beautiful multicoloured leather goods and writing instruments.  Funnily enough, this item was also given to me by my daughter in an attempt to help me organise if not my life, then at least my desk a bit better – it is still work in progress!




img424 Faber-Castell pencils
It is amazing how many people like writing with a pencil, and I am one of them.  I use a lot of Faber-Castell’s, and had the pleasure of meeting the late Count Anton von Faber-Castell and telling him so. I am also a fan of Caran d’Ache and their products…both are very fine, family run businesses.





5 M&M’s giant paperclips
The bigger the paperclip, the less likely you are to lose the papers! This one is proof positive of the power of branding and licensing, and its growing involvement in the stationery market. It puts FUN into the functional, and always makes me smile.

6 Samsung Galaxy S6
I couldn’t run my business without this wonderful product, which is a boon to many like me running a small business on the go and wanting to keep in touch with a far flung family, especially with photographs.

I don’t exactly lead the technology charge, but I am on a mission to prove that analogue and digital complement each other, and can comfortably
co-exist. Writing matters!

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The H.E.N.R.Y’s are coming! Retailers are you ready?

Posted on 4th September 2017 by Vanessa Fortnam

Phil Pond speaking at the London Stationery Show

Trend analyst Phil Pond speaking at the London Stationery Show.

Much has been said about the so called ‘Millennial generation’, but what are the facts about them, what makes them the H.E.N.R.Y’S of today and tomorrow and will they be buying stationery?

Phil Pond of trend forecasters Scarlet Opus will be tackling how this group of consumers are different, in ways that have never happened before, and how understanding their expectations and influence over all consumer age groups will help retailers recognize how to win their custom.

His presentations, on both days of the Manchester Stationery Show, will also look at how the stationery industry can work in harmony with the digital world to grow business, and he will review fashion and design trends to identify those that will work well for stationery and are worth investing in.

“This year the most popular design style for Christmas will be a very traditional, handcrafted, rustic and natural look. We’ve called the style ‘Homeland’ and we will share details that will inspire and inform Christmas merchandising and window displays,” promises Phil.

Phil will be speaking at the new Manchester Stationery Show which runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, 31 October & 1 November, at the Victoria Warehouse in the Old Trafford area of Manchester.  Visitors can register by clicking here.

Phil will be joined by High Street and retail commentator, Michael Weedon, Giftware Association chair and independent retail consultant Henri Davis and Tracey Bearton, editor of leading trade title Greetings Today.  A full speakers programme for the show, with confirmed timings, will be published in September.


(*High Earning, Not Rich Yet)

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