Maped Helix in search for oldest Oxford maths set

National Stationery Week sponsor Maped Helix is searching for the UK’s oldest Oxford Maths Set as part of celebrations to mark this year’s National Stationery Week.

Maped Helix Old Universal TinAs the favoured essential in their portfolio, Helix has launched many versions of the traditional Oxford Maths Set over the years. In light of this, the globally-renowned company has launched a hunt for the nostalgic stationery staples to be showcased on the Maped Helix stand during the London Stationery Show in a nod to its own rich past. The owner of the oldest tin will receive a £50 voucher and £25 worth of Maped Helix stationery.

Maped Helix will be showcasing its enviable collection of products that have been used for generations throughout the event and the team are now keen to track down the UK’s oldest Oxford tin to tie in with their celebrations.

It is a fitting tribute to a company that has proved that true quality can withstand the changes of time. Since its birth in 1887 the company has built up a reputation as the go-to brand for stationery needs. Its famous Oxford brand was launched in 1935 and continues to be known across the globe for having the best maths set on the market; Princess Diana joined in celebrations to mark its centenary in 1987, and the company is now exporting to over 65 countries.

Maped Helix Old contents Oxford Tin Hi ResAdrian Ellis, General Manager of Maped Helix, said: “Maped Helix is known for the quality of its products that have stood the test of time. We are incredibly proud of our rich history and the fact that our products have been used by generations of families.

“We often have people commenting to us that they still own stationery they had as a child, and especially that they have held onto their old Oxford tins and have found new uses for them. We thought that looking back into the past would be a lovely way to celebrate as part of 2015 National Stationery Week.

“We are now on the lookout for the oldest Oxford Maths Set tin in the country which will be used as part of this wonderful event. We would love anyone who thinks they may own the oldest one to get in touch.”

For more information, go to – stand M506

Posted on 24th February 2015 by Hazel Fieldwick