LAUNCHPAD – a new initiative from the London Stationery Show

The London Stationery Show is introducing ‘LaunchPad’, a competition open to new stationery suppliers looking to break into the booming design-led stationery market.

The competition aims to find 12 winners to showcase at the London Stationery Show, which runs on 25 and 26 April next year at the Business Design Centre in London.  Print

The specialist trade show is one of a kind, offering a fantastic range of writing and paper products.  The annual show attracts the UK’s biggest retailers and most influential buyers and brands in the sector.  The show will create a specific display area in the show for the LaunchPad competition winners to present their ideas to the show’s visitors.

The competition will be judged by three leading names from the stationery sector in early February.  Their task will be to find 12 products or services they think are of true interest to the stationery industry and their huge number of stationery loving consumers.

Each entrant will be asked to complete an entry form (found online and send a sample of their product or supporting material about their service, for the judges to consider.

The 12 deserving winners will also have the possibility of being awarded a 6sqm stand at a preferential rate for the 2018 Show if the judges feel their product or service merits further support from the industry.

The LaunchPad competition is open to any company which, or individual who:

• Has not appeared in the show previously
• Has the rights to sell the featured product/service
• Does not currently sell the featured product or service through any UK national retail accounts or distributors in the stationery retail sector

“This is such an exciting and dynamic time for the stationery sector and I am pleased we are able to support up and coming designers and companies in this way.  The competition is open to all types of participants, and we look forward to seeing entries from across the sector,” says Tim Willoughby exhibition director, and COO of new show owners Ocean Media Group.

“We want to attract talented individual designers or inventors with a mainstream stationery product or a complementary product to offer, and established companies from other sectors which have developed a new stationery product or range which it would like to test in the stationery sector.

“We’re keen to make this a regular part of the London Stationery Show, to encourage and support new companies and products to come forward and showcase their ideas.”

LaunchPad participants will get access to all the leading retailers and suppliers in the stationery industry, extensive PR and marketing support from the London Stationery Show and be eligible to enter their products for the 2017 Stationery Awards.

“They will be on one of stationery’s biggest stages and we’re sure they’ll receive plenty of pertinent feedback from show visitors and fellow exhibitors too,” comments Tim, “All of which is invaluable for those starting out or testing a new market.”



Posted on 14th November 2016 by Vanessa Fortnam