Kaweco introduces a new aluminium dip pen

Kaweco dip pen and sketch book

The dip pen is shown on a Kaweco sketch book, one of only a few which survived World War II. The book shows custom-made products for other writing instrument companies or special orders for other industrial branches or markets. This sketch book was kept by the Kaweco AG of the time during 1924 and 1928 and contains detailed drawings, calculations and notes. The sketch book’s explanatory notes are in German as well as in English. The original printed documents however are only in German without the English translation.

Around the end of the 19th century Kaweco was founded in Heidelberg as a dip pen factory. For that reason it is no surprise to learn that the company has decided to revive the traditional manufacturing of dip pens.Kaweco 1

Traditionally made of wood and glass Kaweco has introduced a new version made out of aluminum.  The dip pen is equipped with a standard EF nib but most commercially available nibs can also be used with this renowned writing instrument.

Kaweco has also introduced its new mini converter. Until now it only had its so called “Squeeze” converter for use with its Sport series. Now Kaweco offers a standard draw converter as an alternative. Kaweco recommends that you draw up the ink through the nib and the ink feeder into the converter while it’s already inserted. The MINI holds a little less than a standard size ink cartridge but this system is more sustainable because you can refill it countless times.




There are eight different colors of ink bottles available for the converter. You can choose between royal blue, pearl black, midnight blue, palm green, paradise blue, summer purple, caramel brown and ruby red.

Visit Kaweco on stand M520 at the show and try these new products out for yourself.




Posted on 4th April 2016 by Vanessa Fortnam