INKVIVA Launches ‘Viva Label’

Hong Kong based company INKVIVA is launching ‘Viva Label’ at this year’s Stationery Show. Viva Label Product2

Viva Label turns everyday items into unique belongings by allowing customers to express their creativity and identity by personalising their own items – whether that be a t-shirt, cap or backpack!

Customisation used to be a feature customers had to ask for, often at a premium price, but it does not have to be that way. Inkviva has created two Viva Label choices for buyers with different needs: a letter package and ornament package, both of which are able to stick to a wide range of fabrics on ironing with good washing performance.

The letter package allows buyers to create names and slogans using individual characters, whereas ornament package provides icons and patterns that offer the easiest way to decorate on fabric items.

Viva Label Product3Director Henry Wong said the company is excited about the invaluable opportunity to interact with UK buyers, and he aims to bring not only a new labelling technique, but also “passion of print products to a wider audience.”

For more information go to: – stand G125

Posted on 10th March 2015 by Hazel Fieldwick