Function, style and innovation

Faber-Castell 1In 2014, with technology organising our lives before we’ve had a chance to even think about what needs organising, writing by hand remains a crucial art. Faber-Castell has been manufacturing writing instruments for over 250 years, and so as requirements and tastes have changed, we have too.

As National Stationery Week gets underway, Britain is looking closer at what penmanship means to them and what’s really in a handwritten note. There are hundreds of apps and programmes that handle the strictly functional elements of our lives, so where does penmanship fit in with this?

Whether it be the smartest of smartphones or the smartest of pens, it’s easy to see that style, elegance and innovation is as important to the user as the functionality of it. In a world that strives for perfection, Faber-Castell listens to the growing demands and leads the way in creating products that meet these requirements.

Our General Writing range complements the office or study with stylishly designed writing implements for taking notes, sketching and correcting texts. Function, style and innovation are combined to create a range that is perfect for everyday writing. But we don’t stop there, incorporating intelligent additional benefits for the writer to make for a much more enjoyable writing experience. The non-slip grip zone on the GRIP 2001 pencils, for example, calls upon the company’s 253-year history of craftsmanship whilst adding a stylish and functional edge.

From general writing to something more special, the Faber-Castell Design range marries functionality with elegant form to create beautiful writing instruments, often crafted in wood. These pens make for wonderful gifts to take pride of place in the lapel or on the desk, making the pen more than just a writing instrument and touching upon an accessory, an ideal adornment and element of self-expression.

What then of young writers and creators? With the crux of their expressionism yet to be truly defined, children explore their own creativity through the world of colour. Our Playing and Learning collection was created solely for children, allowing them to paint and discover in their formative years.

As we celebrate National Stationery Week, we go on our own journey of exploration, discovering more about how important writing instruments are in people’s day to day lives. If there’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that functionality, style and innovation are key to creating stationery that lasts, in their physical forms as well as in the minds of those that use them. After all, it’s something we’ve been working at for over a quarter of a millennium.

Posted on 26th March 2014 by Faber-Castell