Father’s Day and the Gift of Writing

The approach of Father’s Day and The Pen Shop’s advertising for it has set me thinking about my late father and my own children.

My father was a meticulous man with a great way with words and sense of humour from whom I received many wonderful letters, firstly at school whilst he was overseas in the army and later to mark different achievements in my career.  I can vividly remember the pleasure of seeing those envelopes arrive in the post with his distinctive, flowing writing and can only assume it rubbed off on to me, as I was brought up in a letter writing culture.





I learned recently from my brother that our father apparently once even lent his pen to the Queen Mother to use.  I would have loved to be able to ask him about it!

Writing letters has always been important to me so perhaps it should be no surprise that all our children write well and have great handwriting (well, two of them have but I’m not mentioning any names – it’s the cause of much ongoing family banter!).

Two of them use a fountain pen and I am fairly sure the third will do so in the near future as well, so we’re getting there.

It is always special receiving letters from them which we do not infrequently and now also from their children, technically adept though they all are.

It looks as if the tradition will live on.

To celebrate Father’s Day, we’re giving away a Ferrari 300 ballpoint pen from the Scuderia Ferrari by Sheaffer Collection – dads and cars go well together!

To have a chance of winning it, all you have to do is share a comment about being a father or something you learned from your own.

We will randomly select a reader next week after Father’s Day.

Good luck, and have a good one!


Posted on 13th June 2013 by Chris Leonard-Morgan